(Sponsored by the Social Welfare Deptt. Haryana)

S.D. Braille-cum Tape Library for the Blind was established with a token grant-in-aid from Social Welfare Deptt. of the Govt. Of Haryana in the year 1980. There after it has continued to earn grants-in-aids from theDeptt. from year to year.


  1. To offer facilities to the Blind persons for their mental and intellectual growth and thereby enable them to stand on their own.

Specific :

  1. To provide the Blind Students of school and college levels with texts in Braille and recorded cassettes for their day to day use.
  2. To offer post rehabilitation service to In-service teachers, lecturers, post graduate scholars and researchers in the manner they desire.
  3. To make available reading material for pleasure and general reading to all categories of visually challenged persons.

With the consistent patronage of the Deptt. Of Social justice and Empowerment, Govt. Of Haryana, this library has built up an infrasturcture which promises to grow into a great center of learning for the Blind. At present our stock or books and cassette is as follows:

  • No. Of Braille books in the Library About 10864 volumes.
  • No. Of recorded cassettes in Library About 3600 cassettes.

In addition we have a semi-sound proof cabin for recording, and office, a Library hall and a reading room. All these are properly frunished with the necessary apparatusses and furniture.

With the introduction of the Library we have eminently succeeded in raising the general standard of performance of our Blind scholars. This would be evident by the no. Of Ist divisions secured by our students.

Moreover some our scholars have toppars th University in their respective subjects namely

  • Shri Gautaqm Parkash M.A. Pol. Sc. In the year 1991
  • Shri Jage Ram M.A. History in the year 1994.

Our sphere of activities is very wide. We have to cater to the needs of the students from Matric to M.A. M.ed. and even M.Phil. classes in all the arts subjects like English, hindi, Pol.Sc., History , Music and education. In addition recorded material about general information and current affairs is also made available. Over and above this the syllabi and courses ofstudy are changed so fequently that we have to strive hard to copy with the load of work. Add to this our offer of Client oriented scheme under which we record material on asking by our clients.

This library is bieng run by one of the premier voluntary agency of North India namely Shri S.D. Sabha (Regd.) Ambala Cantt, through one of its sub-committees. Members of this sub-committee are most prominent persons of this town.

Membership of the Library at present stands at about 530. Although we do not have ay counsellor on the rolls of the Library yet we endeavour in every possible way to help, advise and guide these people to get fixed up in life. We undertake all sorts of correspondence on their behalf. We are indeed grateful to the Govt. Of Haryana for the Special consideration it has shown towards the employment of the Visually challenged persons. Over six hundred Blind persons have so far benefitted from the sevices of the Institure and th Braille Library for the Blind.


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